0.15x Super HD Fisheye Lens for 70-210mm, 85-250mm, 35mm, 50mm, 14-45mm, 14-45mm, 17.5-45mm & 40-150mm Olympus Lens

  • High definition 0.15X Digital lens
  • Infrared compatible
  • Life Time warranty
  • 100% Brand New & Sealed


The fixed focus Zeikos 0.15X Super Fisheye lens with a steel barrel design is an affordable and compact digital add-on lens.

It creates round images with an extreme curvature of field…a creative look for extreme sports, architecture, portraits, nature, travel, and macro photography. The multi-coated glass reduces the possibility of flare, ghosting and internal reflection. This fisheye lens comes with 52mm, 55mm or 58mm screw-in adapter rings for attachment to your existing standard or wide angle lenses.

Product Specifications

*High definition 0.15X Digital lens

*Steel barrel design

*Multicoated optical glass

*Infrared compatible

*Extreme speed auto focus

*Includes carrying case and lens caps

*Includes Adaptor rings 52,55 & 58mm

*Life Time warranty


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